orcharhino Architecture Workshop

Warum orcharhino Architektur-Workshop?

orcharhino is a very complex tool with many plugins. Each of our customers has its specific requirements and initial situation.

In this workshop our architects will address your specific infrastructure and requirements. A concept for the implementation is developed. This prevents errors and reduces costs.

  • orcharhino is complex with many plugins
  • Customers have different use cases
  • differences in environmental size/complexity
  • Improvement/preparation of the installation
  • Planning of the accompanying support during introduction


  • Rough concept for the orcharhino use case at the customer (requirements, expectations, wishes)
  • Overview of organisational structure – Which departments must be involved?
  • Overview Previous knowledge
  • How much KonwHow idst already exists – what can the customer contribute himself?
  • Cost estimation for installation and consulting
  • Effort can be coordinated with customers in advance, depending on previous knowledge

A simple installation is possible in ~3 days through ansible automation


  • Basic concept
  • Effort estimation
  • Rough time planning (milestones)
  • Workflow changes (pre <-> with orcharhino)
  • Obstacles will be identified in time


  • (technical) preparation of the customer can be clearly defined (time saving)
  • if necessary tests/preparations of ATIX, e.g. if there is already a download/test operation

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