orcharhino meets Cloud

Building your own IT infrastructure, including servers, is complex and expensive – but a functioning data center is fundamental for every company. In order to grow and be able to adapt flexibly to current requirements, the associated IT in particular must always be one step ahead. For this there is now “orcharhino in the Cloud” (in short: OitC).

OitC brings orcharhino the cloud as a fully installed and preconfigured solution. The purchase and operation of additional hardware and software or the use of own virtual resources is no longer necessary. Furthermore, orcharhino can be accessed from anywhere in the world – as long as an internet connection is available. In addition, IT staff no longer needs to be trained in the installation process and basic setup. Thus, the integration of clients and the supply of data can be started immediately at the project start. All functions are available that can be found in a locally installed orcharhino . All necessary clients and deployable operating systems are available on the system, what exactly is required can be specified with the order. About 120 GB of hard disk space is available for this purpose. In case of scaling an consultation is necessary. What makes OitC special are the short-term subscription runtimes. Your flexibility increases and makes you independent.

Thanks to the cloud solution, a Proof of Concept (PoC), for example, can be implemented quickly and easily. A PoC can be used to assess whether the orcharhino is the right system for the infrastructure in which it will be used.

Thanks to the flexible subscription, an “orcharhino in the cloud” can also be converted into a “normal” local installation. Those who prefer the cloud service can use it for as long as they like.

As with orcharhino on Premise support requests can be submitted via a ticket system. The support team prioritizes tickets for the two orcharhinoproducts in the same measure.

Ready to start?

Before starting, certain requirements must first be defined for orcharhino in the Cloud. Various packages are available to get you started. The modules contained in it can also be combined individually. OitC offers, for example, optionally bookable operational support, backups and system expansions.

Die Feature Matrix bietet Ihnen eine Übersicht über alle Möglichkeiten des orcha rhin o in the Cloud.The Feature Matrix offers you an overview of all possibilities of orcharhino in the Cloud.