One tool to rule them all

orcharhino is THE solution for the orchestration of data centers! Automate your deployment and configuration management as well as your lifecycle management. Administer everything via a unified interface.

Lifecycle Management

Server Deployment

Easily configure any number of virtual and physical servers in one continuous process!

Configuration Management

Servers, web servers, databases — data centers have several types of servers. Use orcharhino to define one or more configurations for each server type and roll them out automatically to the desired machines — all with just a few clicks!

Release & Patch Management

orcharhino synchronizes itself with the repositories of the system being operated and automatically displays new patches and software packages. You alone decide whether you want to install them or not!

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OSAD 2018

  • Automation in data centers based on Open Source.
  • Lectures and news on current developments.
  • Hold discussions with the attending developers and other IT professionals on site.


In our webinars we show you manufacturer-independent data center automation with orcharhino.

Services & Support


This workshop teaches participants how orcharhino can be used to automatically manage a data center.


With our flexible support packages we support you in exactly the form you want.

Meet the rhino!

Experience orcharhino live on site and ask us your questions.

Services & Support



All facts and a ready configured orcharhino for testing can be downloaded here!


We explain all developments and functions in the official documentation!

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