orcharhino in the cloud

orcharhino in the cloud (OitC) brings orcharhino into the cloud as a fully installed and pre-configured solution.

That means that you can immediately start connecting your clients and supplying them with data, without the otherwise necessary and time-consuming setup. Simply log in to the web interface or command line interface as administrator and get started. All functions are available that you will find in a locally installed orcharhino.

All necessary clients and basic operating systems are already prepared on the system.

Possible usage scenarios

  • You can use orcharhino in the cloud as a fast and cost-saving way to set up a PoC to evaluate if orcharhino meets your expectations.
    If not, cancel the server. If so, either migrate your subscription to a “normal” local installation or continue using the orcharhino in the cloud service as long as you want.
  • You can use orcharhino in the cloud as a regular system, we recommend to use our optional backup service.
  • You use the orcharhino in the cloud service to control clients that you yourself operate in the public Internet. This way you avoid communication problems or security holes with orcharhino installation behind a firewall in a private network


Included in basic package:

  • No local server resources required
  • No staff training in the installation and basic setup
  • no time loss
  • no problems with internal company firewall and routing policies
  • short terms (from 1 month on)
  • Online documentation
  • Online Knowledgebase
  • Ticket Support by ATIX

Optionally bookable:

  • Operational support (ATIX Administrator on demand)
  • Backup of the orcharhino system
  • Extension of the system by a higher number of manageable clients


Due to the relocation of the orcharhinos to public IP areas, all services based on DHCP are not available because they depend on private networks. In case of need, please contact us to make this possible.

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