Patch Note Archive

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Patch Notes Archive

orcharhino 4.3.0

orcharhino 4.3.0 is here!

  • Documentation on hammer admin logging
  • Detailed documentation on Activation Keys
  • Debian/Ubuntu repositories now publish InRelease files
  • SELinux and firewalld are used for new installations via the orcha rhino Installer
  • Tracer Upload for SUSE to determine if a reboot is required for activation after installing an update
  • Progress indicator of synchronized Debian packages
  • Oracle Linux Support incl. orcha rhino Oracle Linux Client
  • The orcha rhino Installer supports the installation of orcha rhino via an HTTP(s) proxy
  • Upgrade from CentOS base system to version 7.6
  • Azure Plugin now supports HTTP(s) proxy for communication with the Azure API.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • The “Discovery Plugin Guide” does not mention the orcha rhino-fdi package
    • Debian Errata support: undefined method `release_name’ for nil:NilClass
    • Debian repositories do not display Sync Status Details
    • The webinstaller fails when no plugins are selected
    • SCC-Manager: Sync not working with SQL-Error
    • SLES errata requiring reboot “fail”

Services and support

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Services + Support


Support for orcharhino is included as a subscription, available as either standard or premium subscription.


This training teaches participants how use orcharhino to automatically manage a data center.


We are also happy to offer you orcharhino workshops. These are tailored to your situation and usually carried out in your home.

If you are interested in a training session, please contact us at

Release Notes

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orcharhino Release notes

orcharhino 5.3.0 is here!

What’s new?

Intergration SLES 15 SP2


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Monitoring candlepin_events / katello_events


About Page


Bug Fixes

  • Text on the overview page has no space
  • Task overview page cannot be shown
  • Docker content is failing to replicate to proxy servers.
  • Errata selection causes all errata to be installed
  • Proxy settings causes proxmox compute resource to fail
  • Audit Report of Host is plain html
  • Access on SCC Manager / SUSE subscriptions only possible with admin rights
  • Ubuntu20 changes pxe-files location
  • AutoYast orcharhino default template proxy section
  • puppet_run_once_-_ssh_default.erb-template not working in Debian/ubuntu
  • Repository HTTP-Proxy not used by Debian Errata Download
  • orcharhino passthrough proxy configuration for multiple networks is wrong
  • sles client does not import GPG keys
  • SLES: katello-agent and (squid)-proxy stops zypper from installing/updating
  • deb-subscription-manager: trigger refresh on “apt update”Richard Stempfl
  • orcharhino passthrough proxy causes package hash errors
  • VMware EAGER_ZERO​ option is not accepted
  • Content credentials counter is not updated
  • Cannot delete setting “ignorable content”
  • salt-minion does not install on EL8 with current snippet saltstack_setup

orcharhino Release Note Archive


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orcharhino Release Notes

Every six weeks, there is a new orcharhino release. You can read about the latest updates here.

orcharhino 5.3.0

orcharhino 5.2.0

orcharhino 5.1.0

orcharhino 5.0.1

orcharhino 5.0.0

orcharhino 4.5.0

orcharhino Blog

Technical explanations, development news, and best practices.

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Patch Note Archive

orcharhino 4.3.0

Services and support

Release Notes