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Field of activity: Complete solutions with focus on the areas of media solutions, IT outsourcing and content management

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

Company Facts: APA-IT was founded in 2002 and employs 140 professionals in Vienna.

About APA-IT GmbH:

APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH is a subsidiary of APA – Austria Presse Agentur. It operates the infrastructure of the Austrian News Agency and numerous other media companies. Thanks to its know-how and understanding of the industry, APA-IT is a specialist for IT solutions for publishers and companies with media-related tasks.

The challenge:

The All-in-One Tool for Automated Lifecycle Management

APA-IT was looking for a tool that would combine and simplify various server management processes. In addition, this should meet the requirements of both the management and the technicians. The different requirements of management and technical departments posed the greatest challenge. Management demanded faster processes, such as patching and global configuration changes, including compliance with ISO 27001. For the technical staff it was crucial that the tool is compatible with various operating systems or derivatives such as Ubuntu or RedHat.

Now a solution had to be found which completely covers the requirements of both levels.

The solution:

Central data center management with orcharhino

In search of a partner for an efficient automation solution, APA-IT came across ATIX AG. ATIX offers with orcharhino a tool for data center management. With orcharhino, processes such as setting up new servers, configuration management or release and patch management are automated. All integrated servers can be monitored via a uniform interface. The result is easier management of the infrastructure, which can be controlled from a central point. In special cases, configurations for individual hosts can be overwritten.

Additionally, various standard scenarios can be preconfigured with orcharhino.

As a result, rolling out to multiple servers and their configuration is up to five times faster than the manual process. For special requests, however, the configurations from the templates can be overwritten at any time. With orcharhino, new systems can be set up, installed, and preconfigured automatically.

This allows both existing and new systems to be kept at a uniform level in terms of configuration and package versions.

Lukas Plattner

“The use of orcharhino has raised the quality of our work to a new level: The automation completely eliminates errors that occur during manual patching. In addition, the tool responds to all the requirements of both the management and the technical department without exception. We are very satisfied with our decision and would make it again every time”.

Lukas PlattnerSecurity Management, Automatisierung & Optimierung IT-Betrieb, APA-IT

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