Introducing orcharhino’s New Technical Partner: TuxCare

Together, we are strong! For that reason, we are presenting a vulnerability patching integration for orcharhino 6.2 as part of a new partnership. TuxCare, our new technology partner, is a global innovator in cybersecurity for Enterprise Linux and, therefore, a perfect match to join forces with orcharhino. With this collaboration, orcharhino is now offering TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise live patching plug-in as part of our patch management solution.

KernelCare Enterprise’s live patching technology enables organizations to deliver automated vulnerability patches to various Linux distributions without kernel reboots. This plug-in improves the use of KernelCare on systems that are managed by orcharhino and that run AlmaLinux, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or Rocky Linux. Thanks to this integration, users can combine the benefits of orcharhino patch management with TuxCare’s live patching – enabling them to update critical systems without needing to schedule downtime for patching-related rebooting.

Jim Jackson, President and Chief Revenue Officer at TuxCare, and Mark Hlawatschek, CEO of ATIX AG, the manufacturer of orcharhino, agree: “This integration emphasizes the considerable value of patching services for IT companies. We have created a win-win situation for our joint customers, who can now use our outstanding patch management solution to respond to critical security updates even faster and without downtime.”

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