orcha rhino 4.4.0 is here!

  • SCC-Manager: Account has now configuration options for recurring refresh of repositories (e.g. to keep the Authentication-Token valid)
  • Improvements to the Salt Plugin:
    • Bulk actions for “Change Salt Master” and “Change Salt Environment”
    • Report / Facts view show saltstack icon as origin
    • Remote Execution Plugin is used to run Saltstate.highstate This shows more information during job execution.
    • Run any Salt function by using “Schedule Remote Job”
    • Possibility to “test-run” any Salt function and let them run recurrently.
  • Update to foreman 1.21 and Katello 3.11
  • For Config Reports and Audits there is a new viewer to show the differences.
  • Set Variables for Ansible Roles on the orcha rhino Management Interface.
  • Support for RHEL8 / CentOS8 module streams
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Webinstaller: Installation aborted in Ansible Script: TASK [or_configuration : Create Ubuntu Client repository].
    • Upgrade 4.1 -> 4.2 overwrites ssh-keys.
    • Subscription-manager refresh for Debian has an error, which is why the use is not possible.
    • Subscription-Manager Suse: All Repos files doubled.
    • SLES Updates/Errata are not displayed in GUI. Host displays the updates with yum update.
    • Report-Template: The package list of applicable errata for Debian/Ubuntu is empty.
    • REX Install/Update Packages for apt/zypper need more options (non-interactive).
    • Disable OS minor versions set by puppet.
    • Generic Image (Bootdisk) cannot be created.
    • Fix Salt-Plugin.
    • Filter bookmarks have disappeared since the update and new ones cannot be created.
    • Configuration Management in the installer is not addressed in the Documentation.
    • Access to the Administration Guide requires administrator rights.
    • “Unregister Host” button leads to complete VM deletion



Execution of Salt state.highstate

Ausführung von Salt state.highstate

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