orcha rhino 4.4.1 is here!

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Add recommendation to use other backup method than using forman-maintain backup
    • The Subscription-manager cron-job on SLES fails
    • The installation guide doesn’t list port 8000
    • Release File not found (http error 451)
    • Capsule/Foreman-Proxy-Content: foreman-maintain with empty array of services fails to restart or give status
    • Product / CV label instead of name is displayed sometimes
    • Storage input fields are removed when removing storage disk size while creating new host
    • Debian Errata links to package with specific version, which might not be available anymore
    • Katello Agent is still offered/forced for Ubuntu/Debian Errata installation in various places.
    • Unknown / internal VMware network ID is displayed instead of the user-friendly network name
    • The bulk-action ‘Install Packages’ doesn’t work as expected on SLES

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