Release Notes

orcharhino 5.12.2 is here!


Select Ubuntu 22.04 During Installation

Creating an Ubuntu 22.04 Installation Medium

Bug Fixes:

  • The SCC Manager plugin now updates all repository authentication tokens in Katello automatically.
  • “subscription-manager” now only tries to gather cloud metadata if there is a strong sign that it’s running in a public cloud.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the installation of errata for certain Debian packages such as the Linux Kernel due to the package name containing the version of the package.
  • Ubuntu 20.04 deployments with UEFI no longer appear to be broken due to an unresponsive VNC console connection.
  • We fixed a bug that “subscription-manager” was logging errors due to missing DNF plugin configurations on Debian and Ubuntu systems. It no longer searches for those DNF plugin config files and therefore no longer logs any errors.
  • “subscription-manager version” on Debian and Ubuntu now returns the version of the installed package.