orcharhino 5.2.0 is here!

Release Notes

  • New Login Page
  • Based on Foreman 1.24 and Katello 3.14
  • New template kind “cloud-init”: cloud-init capable hosts can reach out to orcha rhino to download the seed data via HTTP(s)
  • Impersonation capability: orcha rhino system administrators can now switch to a different user account on the fly
  • Multiple improvements to GCE compute resource
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support using OpenID-Connect
  • New status API endpoint – Two new API endpoints have been introduced, api/ping and api/statuses
  • HTTP proxies for content syncing. Repositories may be assigned an HTTP proxy policy: a global default, no proxy, or a specify proxy
  • significant performance improvement to the facts cleanup task
  • Proxmox virtualization cluster node selection
  • New Azure compute resource plugin
  • Tech Preview: Ubuntu 20.04 Deployments
    • There is a known issue Since Ubuntu 20.04 was not yet released at the time of the orcharhino 5.2 release
  • Snapshot Management for Hosts on Proxmox virtualization
  • orcha rhino installation: Added options for HTTP-proxy configuration
  • Documentation:
      • Glossary
      • OS and client selection screen
      • Compute Resource Chapter with Microsoft Azure, Proxmox, and VMware
      • Smart Proxy Installation Guide
      • Firewall Ports Tables
      • LDAP Authentication in Management UI

New Login Page

Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager

Bug Fixes

  • VMware “Could not match network interface” on VM creation
  • Time zone is set based on server tz and not the browser tz (already fixed in <5.2?)
  • Deploying a New Host to vmware compute resource from existing template always ends up with thin provisioned disk
  • VMware resource pools are populated only from first cluster found
  • Annotation notes are not set for VMware mages based builds
  • Update VMware Hardware version compatible with 6.7 and above (already fixed in <5.2?)
  • VMware compute resource cannot find VM folders when datacenters are themselves nested in folders
  • Content -> Errata should only show repositories that actually contain Errata
  • vmware based user_data template fails rendering
  • Plaintext password in SCC Manager task details
  • Installation of orcha rhino on RHEL fails without pre-enabled repositories
  • user data template for vmware based configuration is missing
  • SCC Manager plugin “Test Connection” button always shows “failed”
  • orcha rhino-installer doesn’t install dhcp_browser-plugin
  • SCC Manager plugin: “test connection” doesn’t work behind proxy
  • Provisioning templates not reliably updated during orcha rhino update
  • SLES host subscription fails with “Name Operating System already exists”
  • kickstart_default_finish and preseed_orcha rhino_finish templates do not set the hosts file for image-based deployments
  • Expire Hosts-Plugin: deletion of hosts after grace-period doesn’t work
  • katello-change-hostname with custom certificates fails with error “illegal option”
  • subscription-manager on SLES creates new operating system entries in orcha rhino
  • Errata-Installation: select all missing does not work
  • Debian host cannot be attached to different content view