Release Notes

Key Features

  • Application Centric Deployment (ACD) is now GA:
  • New job template for SLES Service Pack Upgrade
  • New provisioning template on SLES for PXEGrub and PXEGrub2 to enable boot disk installations with UEFI
  • New optional ‘or-rex’ system user for self management of the orcharhino server; see orcharhino Security Guide: Dedicated Remote Execution User
  • Show number of managed hosts in Administer > About
  • Download orcharhino documentation for offline reading from /pub/
  • New provisioning guide
  • Foreman SCC Manager
    • Dynflow tasks output for product syncing improved for better failure detection
    • Shorten SUSE repository labels for new products and associated repositories


Bug Fixes

  • Ansible variables in GUI are hidden by default
  • Blocked tasks due to disk-usage
  • FreeIPA external authentication does not work
  • HTTP proxy does not work in bootdisk
  • Proxmox: after host creation with error, the connection to Proxmox is lost
  • CVE-2021-20259: Proxmox compute resource password leak
  • CVE-2021-3413 Azure compute resource secret_key leak
  • Proxmox authentication failure
  • Proxmox cannot detect all image template types
  • Upstream authentication can no longer be erased from repository