Release Notes

orcharhino 5.6.0 is here!

Key Features:

  • Add remote execution cockpit plugin
  • Add filter for Debian and Ubuntu Repositories in Content View
  • Add register content host instructions for Debian, Oracle Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu (Hosts > Content Hosts >> „Register Content Host“ button)
  • Application Centric Deployment and Ansible Playbooks
  • Add number of managed systems to orcharhino-debug output
  • Update Foreman Ansible modules to version 1.5.0
  • Update Foreman SCC Manager to version 1.8.6
    • Provide the possibility to define a GPG key for SCC repositories
    • Add a link from the SCC product to the content product page
    • Beautify SCC product names and descriptions
  • Add hammer cli foreman scc manager plugin 
  • Update pulp_deb and pulp_rpm to 2.21
  • Update destination host for orcharhino-debug
  • Add offline upgrade capability to foreman-maintain
  • Fixed bug that prevented running Salt highstate
  • Fixed bug that prevented the creation of products
  • Fixed bug that prevented synchronization of ULN repositories via HTTP proxies
  • Fixed bug that prevented the installation of orcharhino if Ansible is not installed due to a new job template requiring Ansible (orcharhino proxy content role)
  • Documentation

Bug Fixes

  • First run to register host through orcharhino proxy fails due to wrong port being used for API call
  • for debian doesn’t work with custom certs
  • ULN-repo sync not working with HTTP-Proxy
  • Scc Accounts are not filtered by organizations