orcharhino AMA

When will you support Pulp 3 in orcharhino?

  • orcharhino 6.0 will only support Pulp 3.
  • We will provide a beta version for you to try. Please contact us if you want to test the orcharhino 6.0 beta in the future. You can get more information with the newsletter for orcharhino 5.11.
  • We will provide an orcharhino 5. last version that enables content migration from Pulp2 to Pulp3. Overall, this is the bigger challenge than providing orcharhino 6.0 due to content migration. We cannot give you an exact timeline yet because we’re intensely testing all supported operating systems and ensuring a stable migration of content. 

What else is new with orcharhino 6.0?

  • orcharhino 6.0 uses exclusively Pulp 3.
  • It removes MongoDB in favour of Postgres database.
  • orcharhino 6.0 will use Foreman 2.5 and Katello 4.1.
  • APT repositories for Debian content will support „flat repository structure“ in upstream repositories not using the „dists“ directory.
  • APT repositories for Debian content will support setting the download_policy just like for YUM repositories.
  • New optional webhooks plug-in which can be used to run external tasks if internal events are triggered. For example, you can run external jobs after deploying a host.

Why do you provide local install media file repositories only for Debian 9 and 10, but not for Debian 11?

  • We are currently working on providing the file repository for installing Debian 11 on ACC. It will be provided with the upcoming release orcharhino 5.11.
  • Have a look at our documentation: Using Type file for Installation Media

Will you support HyperV as compute resource provider?

  • You can install orcharhino on a VM running on HyperV.
  • HyperV as compute resource is currently not supported. There is a stale community plugin for HyperV. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been actively maintained for years, so it’s not tested and therefore not supported. As of right now, most of our customers are using different compute resource providers, most notably VMware and Proxmox, therefore, HyperV doesn’t have that priority on our side. Please contact us if you absolutely need to deploy to HyperV, we can think about it.

Any plan to migrate the appliance from CentOS7 to a EL8 clone like Alma Linux or Rocky Linux? 

  • Rocky Linux and Alma Linux are already supported if you want to deploy hosts for these operating systems.
  • Currently, we gather information regarding the next host environment on which orcharhino will run on. Both Rocky Linux and Alma Linux are possible solutions for an EL8-based orcharhino. orcharhino on EL8 will run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Oracle Linux 8, and one or more further solutions.
  • We plan to make an in-place-migration as easy as possible. 

How do you build, configure and maintain Docker Registry’s in orcharhino? How do you query them remotely? And how do you Download the images remotely? 

  • orcharhino can synchronise/mirror an existing container registry. You cannot push container images into orcharhino directly.
  • The container registry part in orcharhino (pulp) is meant to sync existing container-repositories from upstream or existing registries.
    You can then create frozen versions of those image-versions (so if newer containers appear, they are not immediately available to the connected hosts).
  • Some additional features will be available in pulp3, but it will be still a mirror for existing repositories.

Will you drop Puppet support now or in the future?

  • No, we will not drop support for Puppet. We’re committed to bringing you all three currently supported configuration management solutions in orcharhino 5.11 and orcharhino 6.0.
  • We’ve stepped up and are currently actively maintaining the Puppet plug-in. Upstream is dropping Puppet support, mostly in favour of Ansible, but orcharhino will continue to support Puppet