Big News: orcharhino 4.0.0 is here!

  • Improved user interface: The horizontal menu navigation has been replaced by a vertical navigation. There is now a breadcrumb navigation and a toggle switch with which you can quickly switch between hosts, for example. The new vertical navigation together with some adjustments to the user interface improves usability and clarity.
  • Errata support for Debian and Ubuntu systems: Errata can be displayed for Debian / Ubuntu systems and installed via Remote Execution. If necessary
    Incremental Content View is also created.
  • Complete revision of the Ansible Plugin
  • Support for SLES15 incl. orcharhino Client
  • Configuration of composite content views for automatic publishing as soon asthe content view changes.
  • Configuration of HTTP proxies for use for outgoing connections
  • Possibility to store a description in a host group
  • Further changes are written to the audit log as an entry.
  • Import of Provisioning / Partition / Job Templates using the API
  • Revision of the Red Hat Repositories and Subscription pages
  • Update Snapshot Manager and SUSE SCC Manager Plugins
  • MTU specification for subnets
  • Support of oVirt 3.x, which allows additional options when creating hard disks
  • Display of free and used disk space when selecting VMware Datastore
  • Improvements in the use of VMware Compute Resource
  • Backup and restore have been replaced by commands of the plugin foreman_maintain
  • The “About” now lists all used versions of Foreman and Katello
  • Email reports are now documented
  • The new features have been added to the orcharhino docu – the docu now also features vertical navigation.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

SLES 15 support

Errata support