Support Level

ATIX Support Subscriptions include a support contingent that can be flexibly retrieved. This means that the support of the experienced ATIX support team is available to you in exactly the form you require.

The Support Subscriptions are characterized by clear framework conditions and maximum flexibility in use. After an in depth consultation with the ATIX support team, you select the subscription that best suits your needs. You can then select the support level, the scope, the response time and even the type of support.

Standard SubscriptionPremium Subscription
Runtime:1 year or 3 years1 year or 3 years
24×7 (Severity 1)
Reaction-time Severity 1*4 business hours2 hours
Reaction-time Severity 2*1 business day4 business hours
Reaction-time Severity 3*2 business days1 business day
Reaction-time Severity 4*2 business days1 business day
Support accessTicket system (9×5)Ticket system (24×7)
Support requests:unlimitedunlimited
Alerting (Proactive Support)Optionally bookableOptionally bookable