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Lifecycle Management with orcharhino

Simplify your data center with

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orcharhino is THE solution for orchestrating data centers! Automate your deployment and configuration management as well as your lifecycle and patch management. Oversee everything via a unified interface.



“The use of orcharhino has raised the quality of our work to a new level: Thanks to the automation, errors that occur during manual patching are completely avoided. In addition, the tool responds to all the requirements of both the management and the technical department without exception. We are very satisfied with our decision and would make it again every time”.

– Lukas Plattner, Security Management, Automation & Optimization IT Operations, APA-IT

kubus IT

kubus IT

Through orcharhino, our environment has been enhanced in many ways. Both in the deployment and patch management as well as in the area of reporting, orcharhino supported us with its clearly organized and concise structure. orcharhino enables us to deploy and manage systems for a variety of distributions. The continuous comparison of system statuses also provides early detection of open security gaps and a targeted installation of fixes and updates.”

– Kubus IT

Hochschule Rapperswill

“We use the orcharhino virtually in its entirety: We use it to automate the lifecycle in Foreman, i.e. the complete deployment directly on VMware, the system registers with the puppet master and draws its definition, configures itself automatically and we receive the fully preconfigured system practically on demand. Currently we use orcharhino for the complete lifecycle, from server configuration to patch management to deprovisioning of hosts.

– Lioh Möller, System Administrator, HSR

IT Betrieb bei Max Bögl

Max Bögl

„With orcharhino we have standardized processes and a central tool for the Linux team.“

Otmar Meier, Group Manager IT Operations, Max Bögl

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

“The repository management has significantly improved through the use of orcharhino. When rolling out a major release, we used to take a script controlled approach. In other words, we had to replace the entire repos here. In doing so, we always had systems that fell out of line. Now we can control the whole thing more effectively by activating keys and assigning different repositories.”

– Stefan Bock, IT-Ingenieur, Bundesagentur für Arbeit IT-Systemhaus

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