orcharhino 4.5.0 ist da!

What’s new?

  • Configure the default language and timezone for newly created users at ‚Configure → Settings → General‘
  • Support for orcharhino caching proxy configurations
  • Content View import / export
  • Support for Windows network deployments
  • VMware OVA based orcharhino installation
  • Enhanced Proxmox support 
    • Support for Proxmox VE5.4
    • Add, detach and resize volumes in host edit mode
    • Resize disk on image based host creation
    • Option to automatically start vm directly after host creation 
    • selinux support
  • Support for SLES15SP1
  • Debian / Ubuntu client supporting offline installation
  • enhanced provisioning templates for installation behind orcharhino proxies (SLES and EL7 based systems)
  • Modified Upgrade Guide

Bug Fixes:

  • GPG key on yum repo not usable because of missing newline
  • Operating systems list should be sorted
  • Proxmox plugin does not work with SELinux enabled
  • When promoting debian CV versions to LCENV, release and component units are not cleaned up
  • Katello action „Republish Repository Metadata“ does not appear to do anything for deb repos
  • pulp_deb should structure published repos like their upstream sources (not by codename)
  • Current state of content view version is shown instead of version-specifc