Release Notes

orcharhino 5.3.0 is here!

What’s new?

Intergration SLES 15 SP2


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Monitoring von candlepin_events und katello_events


About Page


Bug Fixes

  • Text on the overview page has no space
  • Task overview page cannot be shown
  • Docker content is failing to replicate to proxy servers.
  • Errata selection causes all errata to be installed
  • Proxy settings causes proxmox compute resource to fail
  • Audit Report of Host is plain html
  • Access on SCC Manager / SUSE subscriptions only possible with admin rights
  • Ubuntu20 changes pxe-files location
  • AutoYast orcharhino default template proxy section
  • puppet_run_once_-_ssh_default.erb-template not working in Debian/ubuntu
  • Repository HTTP-Proxy not used by Debian Errata Download
  • orcharhino passthrough proxy configuration for multiple networks is wrong
  • sles client does not import GPG keys
  • SLES: katello-agent and (squid)-proxy stops zypper from installing/updating
  • deb-subscription-manager: trigger refresh on „apt update“Richard Stempfl
  • orcharhino passthrough proxy causes package hash errors
  • VMware EAGER_ZERO​ option is not accepted
  • Content credentials counter is not updated
  • Cannot delete setting „ignorable content“
  • salt-minion does not install on EL8 with current snippet saltstack_setup

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