Release Notes

orcharhino 6.4.0 is here!

Update to EL 8.8

With orcharhino 6.4, we deliver EL 8.8, which offers great benefits. It includes an upgrade to Ansible 2.14.2 with additional requirements that affect all orcharhino releases running on EL8. For a smooth transition, please look at Using ansible-core 2.14.2 with Python 3.11 in the ATIX Service Portal when updating to EL 8.8.



  • We have enabled autocompletion for the DSL documentation in the template editor. You can now easily see available macros when writing or changing a template. You can press CTRL + SPACE to get a list of available items. For more information, see https://(your orcharhino host)/templates_doc. You can enable autocompletion by checking the „Autocompletion“ checkbox.
  • We have added a report template that provides an overview of installed packages on managed hosts: „Host – All Installed Packages“. Depending on the operating system of the managed host, it shows all installed RPM and DEB packages.

Proxmox Compute Resource


DSL Autocompletion in templates

orcharhino-6.4 release notes autocomplete


orcharhino-6.4 proxmox

Configuring orcharhino Proxies with a Load Balancer

orcharhino 6.4 configuring orcharhino proxies with a load balancer

Changelog Features

  • orcharhino 6.4 now uses Foreman 3.3 and Katello 4.5
  • Added firewalld service-definition for orcharhino Proxies
  • Added ‚include RAM‘ option to ‚create snapshot‘ dialogue for hosts running on Proxmox compute resource

Changelog Documentation


  • Announcement: Please note that with the upcoming release of orcharhino 6.5 we will drop support for the last orcharhino 5 release.
  • require_ssl_smart_proxies setting dropped: The require_ssl_smart_proxies setting has been dropped and orcharhino now behaves as if the value was true (the default). This means it’s no longer possible to use reverse DNS instead of client certificates over HTTPS connections. Upgrading users should ensure a valid Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) exists.
  • BMC credentials access turned off by default: BMC credentials access through ENC YAML output and templates is turned off by default for increased security. To turn it on, go to Administer – Settings and turn the „BMC credentials access“ setting on.
  • orcharhino 6.4 is only available on EL8 operating systems. Please ensure to perform the Leapp upgrade from EL7 to EL8 of the base-OS of your orcharhino Server and orcharhino Proxies before attempting to upgrade to orcharhino 6.4.

Changelog Bugfixes

  • Fixed failing sync of DEB content to orcharhino Proxy, if the content has been created by an Incremental CV Update. Please consult the Version Specific Upgrade steps for further information.
  • Show rendered template only for orcharhino users with the permission view_provisioning_templates.
  • Fixed export/import of SLES content containing advisories (errata). Please consult the Version Specific Upgrade steps for further information.
  • Fixed a bug that the description was empty for incremental Composite Content View versions.
  • Added warning if users try to export Content View Versions that include DEB repositories with Hammer CLI, which is currently not supported.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented upgrading orcharhino without Puppet plug-in installed
  • Fixed a bug that ‚ansible collection‘ type content could not be synchronized through HTTPS proxies.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented showing time values on Sync Plans page.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented switching between orcharhino Proxies within the management UI using the arrow button.
  • Fixed post-upgrade orcharhino-ansible roles, which, for example, keep the RPM signing key of orcharhino Client repositories up to date. orcharhino-ansible now skips reconfiguring orcharhino Client repositories that were originally configured but are no longer supported.
  • Fixed a bug in Host Registration preventing the installation of katello-host-tools on for Debian or Ubuntu hosts (tech preview).