Release Notes

orcharhino 6.3.0 is here!


  • In-place OS upgrade for orcharhino from EL7 to EL8 using Leapp
    • With orcharhino 6.3, you can upgrade orcharhino Server and orcharhino Proxy in-place from EL7 to EL8.
    • orcharhino supports the following upgrade paths:
      • In-place upgrade and migration from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8
      • In-place upgrade from Oracle Linux 7 to Oracle Linux 8
      • In-place upgrade from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
    • You have to perform the Leapp upgrade on orcharhino 6.3. You can find more information in our documentation: Upgrading orcharhino 6.3 from EL7 to EL8 and Leapp Upgrade in the ATIX Service Portal. Please note, that orcharhino 6.4 and upcoming releases will not run on EL7 anymore.
  • IMPORTANT: Please contact to receive your new orcharhino Subscription Key for EL8.

Leapp upgrade

Leapp upgrade

Upgrading from EL7 to EL8

Upgrading from EL7 to EL8

Changelog Features

  • Introduced the orcharhino-proxy package to bundle dependencies for orcharhino Proxies.
  • You can use local Ansible configuration files to configure custom settings which are not overwritten by orcharhino-installer during upgrade.
  • orcharhino now emits a Remote Execution job event when a job starts or fails. You can use these to start webhooks.
  • Added post_upgrade steps to remedy configuration drifts on orcharhino Servers.
  • We now deliver OpenSCAP client packages for orcharhino Server. You can use OpenSCAP to run compliance scans on your orcharhino Server and orcharhino Proxies.
  • Improved error message for pulp_deb „Release File“ validation.
  • The bootstrap script now uses Python 3 for Ubuntu 20.04 instead of Python 2.
  • Salt services are now enabled after installation if you select Salt as configuration management in orcharhino web installer.
  • Added commands orcharhino-maintain and orcharhino-installer.
  • Added possibility to automatically remove obsolete packages from orcharhino Server after upgrading to orcharhino 6.3.

Changelog Documentation


  • We have deprecated installing orcharhino 6.3 on EL7. If you start with a fresh orcharhino installation, install orcharhino on EL8. For more information see Installing orcharhino Server.
  • We no longer maintain the orcharhino Client for SLES 15 SP0 due to SUSE no longer providing any security updates. If you have the orcharhino Client synchronized, you can continue using it. If you plan to upgrade your managed hosts, have a look at our „SLES Service Pack Upgrade“ job template to automate this process.

Changelog Bugfixes

  • Updated ruby-on-rails: actionpack to fix CVE-2023-22792.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented hammer from being run as non-root user.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented importing content using Hammer CLI.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented installing errata for DEB packages through the remote execution job site with „search query filter“.
  • Fixed a bug that caused adding a Red Hat Repository containing an ISO image to fail.
  • Fixed a bug that caused orphan cleanup for DEB content to fail in some rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented provisioning Windows hosts using the global default password.
  • Fixed a bug that required already deleted sync plans to be ignored during backup or maintenance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the removal of orphaned RPM packages to get stuck in some rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug with rendering the default template for the new webhooks plug-in.