orcharhino AMA August 2022

When will your release orcharhino 6.1?

  • We are currently developing and testing it. We want to ensure that you have a safe and successful upgrade process. We are aiming at a launch date in four to eight weeks time.
  • orcharhino 6.1 will include Foreman 3.1 and Katello 4.3.
  • orcharhino 6.1 will provide support for managed hosts running Alma Linux 9, Oracle Linux 9, Rocky Linux 9, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.
  • orcharhino 6.1 will make provisioning Ubuntu 22.04 using Autoinstall easier und more convenient.
  • orcharhino 6.1 will contain orcharhino Clients for SLES 15 SP4.

Do you have orcharhino Clients for openSUSE?

  • Right now, we only provide orcharhino Clients for SLES 12 and 15; using them on openSUSE is not supported but has been reported as working.
  • Please let us know if you’d like to see official support for openSUSE and create a feature request.
  • In case the host reports the wrong OS to orcharhino, using custom facts might help. See using custom facts (for orcharhino customers only).

Does synchronizing repositories for Rocky Linux 8 work?

  • Yes, we’ve checked this live on an internal orcharhino.
  • If you have issues synchronizing upstream repositories, please open a ticket.
Can I provision hosts running Ubuntu 22.04?
Can I run orcharhino on EL8?
  • Not yet, but this will be one of our next big projects after releasing orcharhino 6.1.
  • We want to ensure you have a smooth upgrade experience and offer multiple possibilities for users running orcharhino Server/Proxy on CentOS 7 (because CentOS 8 is dead and we will not support CentOS Stream 9).
  • We will support running orcharhino Server/Proxy on Oracle Linux 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, and Alma Linux 8 and/or Rocky Linux 8.

Do you support nutanix as compute resource in orcharhino?

  • No, we currently don’t have any plans adding nutanix as additional compute resource plugin.

Does orcharhino support patching hosts running Microsoft Windows?

  • Yes, orcharhino 6.1 contains a job templates that uses Ansible to patch hosts running Microsoft Windows.
  • See also Deploying Windows Hosts in orcharhino documentation.

Does orcharhino support managing DHCP and DNS using Infoblox?

Can I migrate Foreman to orcharhino?

  • Yes it is possible as an „upgrade“, meaning Foreman must be a lower version that the used version of Foreman (and Katello) in orcharhino.

How can I make an API request before/after provisioning a host through orcharhino?

  • You, can use the webhooks plugin.
  • See Using Webhooks in orcharhino documentation.

Last but not least: come talk to us at OSAD either in person or remotely. Get your ticket now at osad-munich.org.