orcharhino AMA

Can I „move“ a host from Microsoft cloud to Amazon? If so, how?

  • orcharhino is cloud vendor neutral.
  • Hosts can be re-deployed by using Host Groups

ETA for the orcharhino 6.0 release?

  • orcharhino 5.12 will be released end of February / beginning of March
  • orcharhino 5.12 will be the base to upgrade to 6.x
  • orcharhino 6.0 beta will be released mid of March

Why are CentOS 7 Errata no longer updated?

  • There is a change in the way CentOS provides errate information. We are working to fix the issue.
  • There will be no errata for CentOS 8 stream
  • See orcharhino Webinar on CentOS alternatives for an overview of errata for EL8

Why are Debian 10 and Debian 11 Errata mixed together?

SLES 11 is EOL. How does this affect orcharhino?

  • SLES 11 clients will not be developed any more.
  • SLES 11 will be deprecated with orcharhino 6.0.

Satellite 6 will deprecate puppet support. What are the plans for orcharhino? 

  • orcharhino is vendor neutral. 
  • Puppet will be supported by orcharhino
  • Also Salt and Ansible will be supported.

Can I use orcharhino to use Ansible Playbooks?

  • Yes, we developed a plugin that solves this task very well. The plugin is called application centric deployment short ACD.
  • With this it is possible to import playbooks from git or directly stored on the orcharhino file system.

  • For testing purposes, we also have Ansible playbooks in our github repo that can be tried with ACD. A link will be shown after.
  • After importing it is possible to create an „application definition“ on the orcharhino with which you have the possibility add new host_parameter, overwrite the group vars and specify which application can be deployed with which hostgroup.
  • You can also specify the desired minimum and maximum number of systems to be deployed per application.If now all specifications are made it is possible to create an „application instance“ where you can specify the required number of hosts (within the previously set minimum maximum limit) with applications that should be deployed. Here it is again possible to make adjustments to the group vars.
  • If everything is now set up it is possible to create the instance by using the button deploy. Here the hosts are created by orcharhino and then configured with the playbook.When the hosts are created it is possible to view the status and watch the playbook run under APP instances → show report.
  • More information is available in detail at https://docs.orcharhino.com/or/docs/sources/usage_guides/application_centric_deployment_guide.html
  • Playbooks to try out are available here: