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Deploying an ELK Cluster with Application Centric Deployment

Starting with orcharhino 5.7, you can deploy applications via the in-house developed application-centric deployment (short: ACD) plugin. ACD allows you to deploy multi-host applications with the click of a button based on Ansible playbooks and application definitions. Refer to the application-centric deployment guide for more information.


orcharhino meets Cloud

Building your own IT infrastructure, including servers, is complex and expensive – but a functioning data center is fundamental for every company. In order to grow and be able to adapt flexibly to current requirements, the associated IT in particular must always be one step ahead. For this there is now “orcharhino in the Cloud” […]

All power to the hosts

And that’s how it works: 1. installation Just type the following command on the console of orcharhino: foreman-installer –enable-foreman-plugin-discovery –foreman-plugin-discovery-install-images=true This installs the Discovery Plugin and the Discovery Image. The hosts have to boot this to access the plugin in orcharhino. For a new installation of orcharhino Version 3.6 or higher the plugin can be […]


Save the rhino

Since several years, the ATIX AG supports the charity organization “Save The Rhino” (short STR). The British based organization for nature conservation supports rhinos threatened by extinction all over the world.