orcharhino 4.3.0

orcharhino 4.3.0 is here!

  • Documentation on hammer admin logging
  • Detailed documentation on Activation Keys
  • Debian/Ubuntu repositories now publish InRelease files
  • SELinux and firewalld are used for new installations via the orcha rhino Installer
  • Tracer Upload for SUSE to determine if a reboot is required for activation after installing an update
  • Progress indicator of synchronized Debian packages
  • Oracle Linux Support incl. orcha rhino Oracle Linux Client
  • The orcha rhino Installer supports the installation of orcha rhino via an HTTP(s) proxy
  • Upgrade from CentOS base system to version 7.6
  • Azure Plugin now supports HTTP(s) proxy for communication with the Azure API.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • The “Discovery Plugin Guide” does not mention the orcha rhino-fdi package
    • Debian Errata support: undefined method `release_name’ for nil:NilClass
    • Debian repositories do not display Sync Status Details
    • The webinstaller fails when no plugins are selected
    • SCC-Manager: Sync not working with SQL-Error
    • SLES errata requiring reboot “fail”

Services and support

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Services + Support


Support for orcharhino is included as a subscription, available as either standard or premium subscription.


This training teaches participants how use orcharhino to automatically manage a data center.


We are also happy to offer you orcharhino workshops. These are tailored to your situation and usually carried out in your home.

If you are interested in a training session, please contact us at

Release Notes

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Orcharhino release notes

orcharhino 4.5.0 has arrived!

What’s new?

  • Configure the default language and timezone for newly created users at ‘Configure → Settings → General’
  • Support for orcharhino caching proxy configurations
  • Content View import / export
  • Support for Windows network deployments
  • VMware OVA based orcharhino installation
  • Enhanced Proxmox support 
    • Support for Proxmox VE5.4
    • Add, detach and resize volumes in host edit mode
    • Resize disk on image based host creation
    • Option to automatically start vm directly after host creation 
    • selinux support
  • Support for SLES15SP1
  • Debian / Ubuntu client supporting offline installation
  • enhanced provisioning templates for installation behind orcharhino proxies (SLES and EL7 based systems)
  • Modified Upgrade Guide

Bug Fixes:

  • GPG key on yum repo not usable because of missing newline
  • Operating systems list should be sorted
  • Proxmox plugin does not work with SELinux enabled
  • When promoting debian CV versions to LCENV, release and component units are not cleaned up
  • Katello action “Republish Repository Metadata” does not appear to do anything for deb repos
  • pulp_deb should structure published repos like their upstream sources (not by codename)
  • Current state of content view version is shown instead of version-specif


orcharhino FAQ

What is orcharhino?

orcharhino Is a complete data center management solution. It provides system lifecycle management via a single, easy-to-use interface. In particular, orcharhino supports automated system delivery, configuration management, and patch management.

With the help of orcharhino, most operational tasks are automated, helping to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the number of systems to manage. Rolling out additional servers or applying the latest patch to hundreds of systems is just a click away, significantly increasing scalability and speeding time to market.

By supporting a wide range of established open-source operating systems and enterprise solutions, orcharhino provides a high degree of manufacturer independence and flexibility. It allows you to monitor and manage your servers in physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments while maintaining consistency across all environments.

Who benefits from orcharhino?

Because of its broad and flexible character, orcharhino will benefit any business or organization that manages an IT infrastructure ranging from a few Linux-based servers to a full-fledged data center!

In particular, orcharhino supports :

  • Scalability: A typical customer can run anything from a handful of Linux-based servers in a single location to a distributed system with thousands of machines.
  • Multiple distributions: orcharhino is used by customers running single or multiple Linux distributions, including Red Hat, SUSE, Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu.
  • Virtualization: orcharhino supports a variety of virtualization options (VMware, KVM, EC2, Google Compute Engine). Customers can run on-premise physical systems, virtual machines, fully cloud-based systems, or a combination of all three.
  • Configuration management: orcharhino supports several established configuration management systems (Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack) and offers customers who are new to these systems the full choice, as well as a simple transition for those who are already familiar with one of them.

What are the expected benefits?

  • Reduced administrative costs through automation: Routine tasks can be automated, freeing system administrators for higher-value tasks and significantly increasing the number of systems that are easy to manage.
  • Faster system settings: New servers can be rolled out at the push of a button and dismantled just as easily, so you can respond immediately to a change in your requirements and ensure availability when you need it most.
  • Own software management: Easily deploy your own software across different lifecycle environments such as development, testing and production, and across physical or virtual locations across your enterprise.
  • Greater system consistency: Easily manage an enterprise-wide infrastructure across multiple physical sites through a single interface. Maintain a consistent operating environment through orcharhino’s central patch and configuration management.
  • System stability and security:Make sure your IT infrastructure is protected from third-party access and that your data and IT processes are secure. Install security patches on all your computers quickly. Make sure the software used in your systems comes from trusted sources. orcharhino Actively provides status reports on the state of the server configuration, available security fixes, and available updates.

Why Orcharhino? (Why ATIX?)

  • Manufacturer-independence: orcharhino supports multiple configuration management tools (Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack) as well as multiple virtualization options (VMware, KVM, EC2, Google Compute Engine) and several Linux distributions (Red Hat, SUSE, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu).
  • Consulting and engineering: Our consultants will work with you to identify your individual needs and help you with all aspects of implementation. If necessary, our engineers can customize or expand the software to facilitate integration with existing services.
  • Training and support: ATIX relies on maximum transfer of know-how to its customers. We offer professional support as well as training programs that can be tailored to the needs of the customer.
  • Simple subscription model: ATIX is a partner for companies that want to control the cost of IT infrastructure. Our subscription model is kept as simple as possible, depending only on the number of systems you want orcharhino to manage. (You subscribe to one orcharhino Master and packages with 50 managed systems). In addition, we offer standard and premium support as well as a range of services related to orcharhino workshops.


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Orcharhino webinars

In our webinars, we show you the manufacturer-independent data center automation tool, orcharhino.

orcharhino is THE solution for orchestrating data centers! Automate your deployment and configuration management, as well as your life-cycle management. Oversee everything via a unified interface.


In every orcharhino Webinar, we talk about different themes. In particular, these are deployment, configuration management, lifecycle management, patch management and errata with orcharhino.

Always on the last webinar date in the quarter, there is a general overview of orcharhino.

Always on the last Wednesday of the month 10:00 – 11am 00.