Orcharhino release notes

orcharhino 4.6.0 is here!

Release Notes

    • Administration Guide enhancements
      • Documentation for using Salt with orcharhino added
      • Parameters Documentation
    • Debian/Ubuntu enhancements
      • Support for Debian/Ubuntu orcharhino proxy syncing
      • Added Debian 10 support
      • Advanced Sync Optionfor deb-repositories: Validate Content Sync allows repairing corrupt packages (e.g. due to download-failures) within deb-repositories
      • Display upgradeable deb-package infos for Content-Hosts
      • List applicable/upgradeable deb-packages
    • Proxmox compute ressource enhancements
      • KVM usage for new hosts is default now
      • Delete host can be triggered for running VMs
    • Several bug fixes

Advanced Sync for Debian Repositories

Advanced Sync for Debian Repositories

Advanced Sync for Debian Repositories

Appplicable Deb Packages

Applicable Deb Packages 2
Applicable Deb Packages 4

Known Issues

Bug Fixes

  • install_orcharhino.sh should use hostnamectl
  • Administer -> Settings issue with ‘.’ and ‘/’ together with formatting issues
  • SCC-Manager: Make new release including sync-fix for removed repositories
  • Content credentials linked wrong
  • Auto-reloading task status not working properly

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