Orcharhino release notes

orcharhino 4.2.0 is here!

  • Improvements to the user interface, e.g. redesign of the audit logs and the search bar
  • Users can create their own templates for reports via Monitor → Report Templates
  • A new widget for the dashboard shows hosts in build mode
  • Orcharhino can send log messages to journald or syslog
  • No more support for Puppet versions older than Puppet 4.0
  • Update to Foreman Version 1.20
  • By optimizing the database layout, the speed of syncing, creating content view versions, and publishing Content View versions with Debian/Ubuntu repositories is about 10 higher than in orcha rhino 4.1.0
  • The orcharhino plugin for Proxmox is delivered in the orcharhino installer as a Tech Preview .
  • The openSCAP clients are also available for Debian/Ubuntu and SLES 12.X/15
  • The Discovery Image for the Discovery plugin is available as RPM and can therefore be updated
  • The job , partitioning, provisioning templates provided by orcha rhino are locked so that they cannot be changed; In addition, these templates can be updated with any orcharhino update
  • The documentation contains a section on the first steps with the demo product
  • FIX: Bulk Sync Products incorrectly displayed link to ForemanTask
  • FIX: Changing SSL certificate settings in a yum repository didn’t work

Audit Logs

Report Templates

Build Dashboard Widget

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